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Electric Motors/Parts

E Flite - 180 Outrunner 2200kV Plane Motor

EFLM1120 (Normal Price R869)

Sales price: R549,00

E Flite - 250BL Outrunner 2200kV Plane Motor

EFLM1130 (Normal Price R923)

Sales price: R599,00

E-Flite - Micro Servo Casing

EFLRS752 (Normal Price R25)

Sales price: R10,00

E-Flite - BMSR Rotor Head Linkage Set

EFLH3015 (Normal Price R60)

Sales price: R29,00

E-Flite - BMCX2 & FHX MH35 Swashplate

EFLH2416 (Normal Price R147)

Sales price: R147,00

E-Flite - BMC Replacement Servo Mechanics

EFLH1066 (Normal Price R233)

Sales price: R120,00

E-Flite - BCP Bell Mixer Blade Grip Set

EFLH1171 (Normal Price R250)

Sales price: R120,00

E-Flite - BCP Bell Mixer Arm Pushrod

EFLH1172 (Normal Price R210)

Sales price: R105,00

E-Flite - CX2 Inner Shaft

EFLH1242 (Normal Price R140)

Sales price: R79,00

E-Flite - CX2 Aluminium BRG Holder w/BRG

EFLH1244 (Normal Price R154)

Sales price: R79,00

E-Flite - B400 Bell Mixer Arm & Pushrod

EFLH1418 (Normal Price R159)

Sales price: R80,00

E-Flite - B400 Head Block/Rotor Housing

EFLH1422 (Normal Price R245)

Sales price: R90,00

E-Flite - B400 Seesaw Holder Set

EFLH1423 (Normal Price R145)

Sales price: R45,00

E-Flite - B400 Aluminium Seesaw Holder Set

EFLH1431A (Normal Price R246)

Sales price: R179,00

E-Flite - B400 Landing Gear

EFLH1446B (Normal Price R160)

Sales price: R40,00

E-Flite - B400 Main Shaft

EFLH1447 (Normal Price R160)

Sales price: R60,00
Sales price: R39,00

E-Flite - mCx Inner Shaft Main Gear

EFLH2211 (Normal Price R114)

Sales price: R49,00

E-Flite - mCx Lower Head & Linkage

EFLH2217 (Normal Price R114)

Sales price: R49,00

E-Flite - MSR Landing Skid & Battery Mount

EFLH3004 (Normal Price R147)

Sales price: R69,00

E-Flite - MSR Main Frame w/Hardware

EFLH3005 (Normal Price R172)

Sales price: R99,00

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