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Cater for beginners to pro's. Join me in growing this sport.

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HPI Parts

HPI Savage Radio Box Set

HPI85236 (Normal Price R399)

Sales price: R349,00

HPI Radio Box Parts Set

HPI85237 (Normal Price R249)

Sales price: R180,00

HPI Universal Drive Shaft Set (E10 Drift Car)

HPI88060 (Normal Price R540)

Sales price: R299,00

HPI Flanged Ball 5.8 x 6mm (4pcs)

HPIA133 (Normal Price R149)

Sales price: R115,00
Sales price: R30,00

HPI Nitro Star Piston Pin Retainer (3pcs)

HPI15215 (Normal Price R103)

Sales price: R75,00

HPI Nitro Star T-15 F. Crank Bearing 10x19x5mm

HPI15119 (Normal Price R235)

Sales price: R175,00

HPI Nitro Star T-15 Connecting Rod

HPI15112 (Normal Price R380)

Sales price: R190,00

HPI Savage S25 Connecting Rod

HPI1441 (Normal Price R349)

Sales price: R190,00

HPI Savage X 4.6 O-Rings 6 x 9.5 x 2mm

HPI6811 (Normal Price R120)

Sales price: R90,00

HPI Savage Flux 2.4 Bearing 10x15x4mm (2pc)

HPIB030 (Normal Price R265)

Sales price: R140,00
Sales price: R125,00

HPI RS4 Upper Deck Set

HPI85055 (Was R250)

Sales price: R150,00

HPI - Engine Internal Starting Shaft

HPI1432 (Normal Price R415)

Sales price: R349,00

HPI Gear Set for Rotostart

HPI87114 (Normal Price R599)

Sales price: R399,00

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