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Heli Spare Parts

WL Toys - X6 Drone Propeller Set

H108CP (Normal Price R60)

Sales price: R45,00
Sales price: R75,00

DFD F106 Heli Blades (4pc)

F106B (Normal Price R50)

Sales price: R33,00

Hirobo - Flybar Paddles

HI402208 (Normal Price R240)

Sales price: R80,00

Hirobo - SD Tail Rotor Case

HI412144 (Normal Price R200)

Sales price: R70,00

Hirobo - Freya Blade Holder

HI414386 (Normal Price R270)

Sales price: R99,00
Sales price: R45,00
Sales price: R105,00

KDS - Flybar


Sales price: R40,00
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