Prodigy w/ Vector Stabilization RTF (1400mm)

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The 1400mm Prodigy features quick assembly and stable flight control. A great choice for novice pilots, and also fun for experienced pilots.

Built with ultralight tough EPO foam, the large wing area and high-winged airframe configuration gives the Prodigy low wing-loading and extraordinary amounts of lift, even at slow speeds.

Unless the aircraft lands upside down, it is almost impossible to damage the pusher propeller. The pusher propeller design also facilitates FPV setups.

Quick-release and quick-install design enables the airplane to get flying in the sky in minutes upon unpacking with a fully charged battery.

In terms of the power configuration, the high-performance 2212-KV1500 brushless motor, 20A ESC, and 3S 1300mAh-2200mAh 25C battery can burst out enough power for soaring slowly or accelerating into the sky. It is worth mentioning that the flight time can be as long as 15 minutes in the case of gliding flight with a 2200mAh battery.

Prodigy has a standard 4-channel configuration with throttle, elevator, rudder, and aileron control surfaces.

Give the 1400mm Prodigy an opportunity to bring out the prodigy in you.


Power configuration: 2212-kv1500 motor, 20A ESC 11.1V 1300mAh-2200mAh 25C battery.

Standard 4-channel configuration: throttle, elevator, rudder, aileron.

Simple, lightweight, and easy to transport design.

Pusher propeller design facilitates FPV usage.

Up to 15 minutes flight time (when using the recommended battery).

Robust and durable EPO foam material.

One-piece horizontal stabilizer.


Wing Area: 25dm²(

Wing Loading: 38g/dm²(0.08oz/in²)

Wingspan: 1400mm (55in)

Length: 1089mm (42.9in)

Gyro Control: Vector

CG (Center of Gravity): 70-80mm from leading edge

Power System: Brushless 2212-kv1500

Electronic Speed Control: 20A (XT60)

Servos: 9g servo x 4

Landing Gear: None

Ailerons: Yes

Elevator: Yes

Rudder: Yes

Flaps: No

Lights: No

Material: EPO Foam

Required Battery:

11.1V 1300mAh-2200mAh 25C


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