Hours of fun enjoying something that requires skill and dedication to master.

Cater for beginners to pro's. Join me in growing this sport.

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Drone Spares

Sales price: R95,00
Sales price: R20,00
Sales price: R27,00

Blade - Nano QX Motor (Clockwise)

BLH7603 (Normal Price R186)

Sales price: R143,00

Blade - Pico Drone Motor (1pc)

BLH8203 (Normal Price R75)

Sales price: R60,00

Blade - mQX Thruster Boom w Wiring

BLH7502 (Normal Price R170)

Sales price: R130,00
Sales price: R70,00
Sales price: R70,00

Blade - mQX Propeller Clockwise (Orange)

BLH7524 (Normal Price R99)

Sales price: R70,00

Blade - Pico QX Blades Set

BLH8201 (Normal Price R92)

Sales price: R80,00

RC Leading RC136 Blades (4pc)

HTRC136-13 (Normal Price R329)

Sales price: R299,00

RC Leading RC136 Front ESC

HTRC136-5 (Normal Price R399)

Sales price: R235,00

RC Leading RC129 Blades (4pc)

HTRC129-3 (Normal Price R120)

Sales price: R79,00

RC Leading RC122 Blades (4pc)

HTRC122-4 (Normal Price R99)

Sales price: R46,00

RC Leading RC136 Landing Legs (2pc)

HTRC136-16 (Normal Price R120)

Sales price: R55,00

RC Leading RC122 Main Gear (4pc)

HTRC122-10 (Normal Price R55)

Sales price: R29,00

RC Leading RC122 Lower Body

HTRC122-2 (Normal R100)

Sales price: R39,00

RC Leading RC122 Clockwise Motor (1pc)

HTRC122-7 (Normal Price R79)

Sales price: R65,00

RC Leading RC122 Anti-Clockwise Motor (1pc)

HTRC122-8 (Normal Price R79)

Sales price: R65,00

RC Leading RC122 Lipo Battery 900mAh, 3.7V

HTRC122-5 (Normal Price R290)

Sales price: R199,00

RC Leading RC122 Main Shaft Kit (4pc)

HTRC122-12 (Normal Price R55)

Sales price: R29,00
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