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  • Attitude V2 RTF   FSV1044
  • Opterra
  • Torrent110
  • VTOL
  • Commander
  • Radian
  • Ruckus
  • React17
  • Voracity
  • Scirocco
  • AWAS1117
  • BUR18 36902
  • DE511003C
  • FirstC
  • Traxxasrevo33
  • Zelos
  • Sim
  • TAM14131B
  • T770864
  • Blazer
  • T820964
  • DEL BD50
  • EFL7475
  • Aerotrooper
  • AXI03002
  • EFL7550B


We cater to anyone from beginners to pro's. Join us in growing this sport.  

Hours of fun enjoying something that requires skill and dedication to master.

Cater for beginners to pro's. Join me in growing this sport.

Please note: Prices displayed on items, when out of stock can change or vary with arrival of new batches. 

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Helicopters and Spares

Sales price: R450,00
Sales price: R65,00

Hirobo - Flybar Paddles

HI402208 (Normal Price R240)

Sales price: R80,00

Hirobo - SD Tail Rotor Case

HI412144 (Normal Price R200)

Sales price: R70,00

Hirobo - Freya Blade Holder

HI414386 (Normal Price R270)

Sales price: R99,00

Hirobo - Tail Servo Control Rod

HI412143 (Normal Price R120)

Sales price: R50,00
Sales price: R70,00

Hirobo - Helicopter Skid Pipe Set

HI402532 (Normal Price R190)

Sales price: R120,00

Blade - Landing Skid L & R

BLH3104 (Normal Price R79)

Sales price: R49,00

Blade - Main Gear

BLH3106 (Normal Price R53)

Sales price: R49,00

Blade - Mixing Flybar

BLH3111 (Normal Price R76)

Sales price: R60,00

Blade - Main Rotor Hub with Hardware

BLH3112 (Normal Price R67)

Sales price: R59,00

Blade - Main Blade Grip

BLH3114 (Normal Price R58)

Sales price: R49,00

Blade - Rotor Head Linkage Set

BLH3115 (Normal Price R48)

Sales price: R39,00

Blade - Tail Rotor

BLH3117 (Normal Price R61)

Sales price: R49,00

Blade - Battery Mount

BLH3123 (Normal Price R61)

Sales price: R39,00

Blade - Body Mount Carbon Front & Rear

BLH3124 (Normal Price R53)

Sales price: R39,00
Sales price: R49,00

E-Flite - O-Ring & Shim Set

EFLH1513 (Normal Price R70)

Sales price: R50,00

Blade - Main Rotor Blades

BLH3116 (Normal Price R114)

Sales price: R89,00

Blade - Canopy w/Grommets

BLH3118 (Normal Price R227)

Sales price: R179,00

Blade - Canopy Red w/Grommets

BLH3118R (Normal Price R227)

Sales price: R179,00

Blade - Vertical Fin w Red Decal

BLH3120R (Normal Price R53)

Sales price: R49,00
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