• Pic7
  • Attitude V2 RTF   FSV1044
  • Opterra
  • Torrent110
  • VTOL
  • Commander
  • Radian
  • Ruckus
  • React17
  • Voracity
  • Scirocco
  • AWAS1117
  • BUR18 36902
  • DE511003C
  • FirstC
  • Traxxasrevo33
  • Zelos
  • Sim
  • TAM14131B
  • T770864
  • Blazer
  • T820964
  • DEL BD50
  • EFL7475
  • Aerotrooper
  • AXI03002
  • EFL7550B


We cater to anyone from beginners to pro's. Join us in growing this sport.  

Hours of fun enjoying something that requires skill and dedication to master.

Cater for beginners to pro's. Join me in growing this sport.

Please note: Prices displayed on items, when out of stock can change or vary with arrival of new batches. 

Cars and Spares

HSP Brushed Drift Car (1/10) RTR

HSP94123 (Normal Price R2675)

Sales price: R2399,00

ECX Boost Buggy 2WD RTR

ECX03032T1 (Normal Price R2890)

Sales price: R1980,00

HSP Brushed Monster Truck 1/10 RTR

HSP94211 (Normal Price R2675)

Sales price: R2330,00

HSP Crazyist Monster Truck 1/10 (Brushless) RTR

HSP94211PRO (Normal Price R3795)

Sales price: R3395,00
Sales price: R199,00
Sales price: R99,00
Sales price: R205,00

Pro Line - Mambo 40 Mag Wheels

PI267001 (Normal Price R299)

Sales price: R150,00
Sales price: R180,00

Kyosho Front Hub Carrier

KYMA004F (Normal Price R220)

Sales price: R60,00

Kyosho Center Shaft 95mm

KYOIF143B (Normal Price R150)

Sales price: R40,00

Kyosho Swing Shaft (114mm)

KYOMA024 (Normal Price R160)

Sales price: R50,00

Kyosho Universal Joint

KYOMA074 (Normal Price R150)

Sales price: R30,00

Great Vigor - Mammoth Truck Bumper Set

MV1402 (Normal Price R140)

Sales price: R60,00
Sales price: R30,00

Great Vigor 2 Speed Spur Gear (60T)

MV0601 (Normal Price R130)

Sales price: R35,00
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